UFC 229: McGrego vs Khabib

UFC 229: McGrego vs Khabib the biggest star UFC is ready to return to the competition. By the end of this week, former two-division champion Conor McGregor returned to eighty back to challenge the light championship, which he had ever insulted, not defeating Royal Cabin Khabib Nurmagomedov. It was his to have an incredible fight, but the showdown got some extra fuel on the fire when things took a personal trip at the beginning of this year.

Since Nurmagomedov was ready to claim his first taste of UFC gold on UFC 223 in Brooklyn last April, McGregor and his team attacked the Barclays Center and the now infamous just carried out the attack. This event was raised when Nurmagomedov Artim Lobov was involved in a dispute with a close friend and teammate Hibernian. McGregor finally under their assertions, in this case, someone could avoid jail and fight every year awaiting this year that he could be successful.

UFC 229, McGrego vs Khabib

UFC 229: McGrego vs Khabib Fight Date?
The latest fight night of UFC – UFC 299 – is on October 6, 2018.

When is UFC 229 ?

Which venue is hosting for UFC 229?
The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, where McGregor was defeated by Mayweather last August.

What TV channel is UFC 229 on?
You can watch UFC in the UK on BT Sport until the end of the year, when Eleven Sports takes over the rights. BT Sport is yet to announce full broadcast details, including channel and start time.

Saturday also sees the return of a competitor who had never been defeated in the 155-pound title championship, while the UFC should be put into danger-aware major programs in terms of insurance. Tony Ferguson, who in Brooklyn was meeting Naramagomedov in Brooklyn back in April, was left before a freak injury knee injury when taking Anthony Pettis in the co-main event of the night Return to the top.

It’s simply holding – because this game includes Connor McGregor, the story of a return, and an unknown master Nurmagomedov.

But let’s expand. First of all, McGregor is involved. You know him, we know him, everyone knows him. He is famous for his shiny lifestyle, a unique trash talk, which sees that he leaves no soul to them – including Richard Branson not – and bear in the cage for the controversial antiques.

But we did not know MacGregor that if he was not one of the places that became known primarily – fist of his spontaneous kick and anger that had faded several rivalries. McGregor is one of the elite fighters in the UFC, and he returns for the first time in almost two years in October.

The back is against Nurmagomedov, who has reached the top of a Russian gymnast who lighted the division and crowned champion in the absence of McGregor.

Noormagomedov has strengths, noble grappling skills, and amazing field-and-pound techniques.
You should see because this is the classic trap of two completely different styles – the striker against the wrestler.

The UFC 229 has now been described as the biggest event in propaganda history for several weeks. Dana White has improved promotion yet, with almost 1 million pay-per-view buying its original launch.

White told ESPN: “I told you that we were trading close to 2 million pay-per-view purchases.” “We are now close to 3 million, we buy around 3 million pay-per-view for this match.”

The UFC 229 is held on Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Event centerpiece, of course, the conflict is an easy championship between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. McGregor has established itself as the biggest star in the UFC itself and faces Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match this summer’s only elevated profile.

According to White, Noormagomedov vs. McGregor also surpasses it in some metrics.

White said, “This breaks every disc, as long as we’ve never made numbers.” “If you see Mayweather MacGregor had 800,000 views in the first episode embedded in 24 hours. It’s 1.7 million in 24 hours … I can only go several days and scale with numbers. It’s getting big.”

Most of the plots are surrounded by MMA returning to MacGregor, which does not participate in October November 2016. Noermagomedov looks dangerous as an opponent because the Irish have met during its UFC deal. According to White, this is a major part of the appeal.

“Obviously, Conor has gone from a couple of years and he’s coming back and now the biggest Nastiest, taking suffering.” Modest 26-0 never round is not lost. “Kbib that guy,” White said. “Conor is that there is such a big and famous and people love him to fight these are things that do not. He cares everyone is right.” He, if you are a fight fan, you will love it. ”

The Irish fan base McGregor always fights in Las Vegas, and White claims that there will be no separation this weekend.

“Heavy ticket sales from Great Britain and Ireland,” he said. “It was the biggest gateway in Vegas is also something we ever have the second largest gate in UFC history. It will be down to $ 17 million. [Madison Square Garden] $ 18 million.”

White said the UFC 229 is in high demand that no tickets were available for this program.

“This is the biggest game so far. We never sell blocks behind me, Jhfa episode. Got tickets to everybody fighting for this battle,

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